Injury Prevention Therapy

While some injuries are unavoidable, many are completely preventable. The team at Guymon Physical Therapy & Wellness are experts at kinesiology--the movement of the body--and know from years of experience how to minimize the chance of future injuries.


Injuries typically create serious setbacks, even when recovery time is limited to just a few days. Those setbacks may be the difference in a typical month's production versus being in the red. It could also be the difference in keeping players healthy as the playoffs begin.


How does Injury Prevention Therapy work?


Upon an initial consultation, we will custom tailor a program designed to educate employees, supervisors or athletes to keep the chance of injury at a minimum. Our team employs the latest research to determine where risks are and then work with you to strengthen key areas of the body to maximize performance whether it be in the workplace or in the game. We can also host group sessions or injury clinics to maximize the value of your dollar perfect for larger organizations and sports teams.


Examples include properly educating new hires as to how to lift heavy objects or work specialized machinery and in identifying weak spots from repetitive actions and then supplementing them with a series of exercises to balance those weaknesses. We can also work with athletes explaining proper form for their particular field of play while creating workout regimens that will enhance performance.


When it comes to injury prevention, choose Guymon Physical Therapy & Wellness where we believe the best medicine is no medicine!


If you have any questions or concerns, please be sure to visit our FAQ Section to read more about what you can expect on your first appointment and on what you should bring to your first appointment to minimize your wait times.

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