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Guymon Physical Therapy & Wellness is making an impact in Southwest Kansas and the Oklahoma Panhandle with clinics based in Liberal, Kansas, and Guymon, Oklahoma. We treat patients of all ages and with all types of symptoms with comprehensive care designed to heal and strengthen problem areas to enrich their livelihoods. Whether you need help recovering from an injury, want to prevent potential injuries, want to enhance your athletic performance or simply want to achieve optimal health, Guymon Physical Therapy & Wellness is the right place for you. Our team is ready to deliver the conscientious and dedicated care you want and deserve.

For your convenience, we've partnered with PT United to allow you to order any and every possible physical therapy product you can think of for home use directly from the source.


Guymon Physical Therapy and The Machine Shop is on a mission: To raise awareness of the important role that physical therapists and physical therapy assistants play in helping people decrease pain, improve mobility, and engage in healthy lifestyles. Physical therapy positively influences an individual's overall health, wellness and fitness by providing services that positively impact all physical aspects of life.

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Guymon Physical Therapy and Wellness is unique in that we provide performance enhancement services that most clinics cannot. Certified personal trainers are great for helping you get into shape, but nothing can match the expertise of our licensed physical therapists in designing and deploying workout regimens to suit your every need. Our accountability programs are further enhanced at our Guymon Clinic where we can personally supervise your workouts at The Machine Shop, our adjacent fitness facility, where you can muscle up or get tone and lean. Give us a call to visit with our physical therapists about getting on a Performance Program that is built just for you.


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Guymon Physical Therapy and Wellness employs a team of caring and highly-trained professionals who are ready to help you obtain optimal movement so that you can get back to doing the things you love. We offer an extensive array of physical therapy and specialty programs for recovery and fitness. Whether you have sustained an injury or are an athlete looking to get back to peak performance, Guymon Physical Therapy and Wellness is here to help you reach your goals!


Our clinicians are the best of the best, committed to helping you on your path to fitness, recovery, and wellness. Learn more about our clinicians to see what makes each of them uniquely awesome.

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Guymon Physical Therapy

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Guymon, OK Location

211 NW 5th St.

Guymon, OK 73942


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Liberal, KS Location

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